Lately, we’ve all been missing exploring our beautiful barrier islands on Georgia’s coast.  But have you ever imagined how these islands were formed, to begin with, and how they benefit the plants and animals that live in on them now?  During this virtual program, Cumberland Island National Seashore’s Interpretive Ranger Robin Barker will share more about the role of barrier islands on our coast, explore the forces that frequently change them, and travel back in time to learn how they formed. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the mysterious and powerful forces that shape the coast we love, and explore one of our very favorite islands—even from a distance!

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Exploring our Seaward Backyward

Did you know it was recently discovered that approximately 250 km off the Georgia and South Carolina coasts lies one of the largest, continuous deep-sea coral reefs in the world!? Imagine this: 93 miles long, 1/2 mile deep, with some coral mounds up to 300 feet tall! Can’t imagine? No worries! You can SEE this amazing habitat and other deep-sea coral habitats on Thursday, December 3rd at 7 pm. You’ll learn from Dr. Leslie Sautter, marine geology researcher and professor from the College of Charleston, and watch her footage from her exploration trip with NOAA.

Free, but advance registration is required!

Mysteries of the Marsh: Salt Marsh Ecology Walk

How you ever wondered what actually lives in all that marsh grass you see out your car window? That’s what we’re investigating during this month’s Families in Nature, so get ready for an adventure! Together, we’ll explore the mysteries hidden amidst the Spartina grass and deep in the pluff mud. Along the way, we’ll learn all about salt marsh animals and plants and the important roles they play in the ecosystem. Our naturalist will be streaming this virtual field trip live, so have your questions ready.


Let’s take a walk in the woods! Georgia’s coast has the coolest forest habitats to explore, so get ready for this month’s interactive exploration of a maritime forest.  You’ll fall for fungi, take a likin’ to lichens, and discover the amazing animals and plants that make their home under the canopy of ancient live oaks. There’s so much to explore in your very own backyard—you’ll never look at a simple walk in the woods the same way again. Our naturalist will be answering questions live during this virtual forest field trip, so come prepared with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this amazing ecosystem!

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Georgia’s 2021 legislative session starts this month! Our advocacy team has been strategizing and working hard to get the most from this important time of year at the Capitol. Come and hear from our CEO Megan Desrosiers and Advocacy Coordinator Alex Muir about this year’s legislative priorities, what to expect from this extraordinary year, and how you can be a virtual advocate for our coast. From Savannah to St. Marys, and all the way to the Statehouse in Atlanta, we need your voice!

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