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Georgia Has a Coast?

Georgia has a coast? Have you seen that bumper sticker? In case you haven’t, it’s attached, along with an article of the same title by local photographer Ben Galland. The […]

Uncertain Future

A few weeks ago, I sat down to send you an optimistic note about how our coast dodged a few bullets this summer. I soon realized I wasn’t feeling positive after all, and […]

OHM offers digital nature education programs

Nature offers its own brand of therapy, and coastal Georgians can benefit from this outlet during today’s stressful and uncertain times. To help residents get out in nature, even in […]

Looking Forward to Fall

Coastal Georgians have a love/hate relationship with summer. (Re: things we love, see this NY Times article about this year’s record sea turtle nesting rates. Re: things we hate, see this video of actor Will Smith ranting about mosquitoes…